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Booty Burner Bands

Booty Burner Bands

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1. "These resistance bands are like a superhero duo - the polyester provides strength and durability, while the latex adds the necessary stretch and flexibility for your workouts."

2. "Say goodbye to boring workouts with these colorful resistance bands made of polyester and latex. They're more than just bands - they're your new workout buddies!"

3. "Get ready to stretch, sweat, and smile with these resistance bands made of polyester and latex. They'll help you build strength and tone your muscles, all while adding a pop of color to your workouts."

4. "Looking for a way to spice up your fitness routine? These resistance bands made of polyester and latex are like a party for your muscles - they'll help you tone and strengthen, all while having a blast."

5. "Get ready to feel the burn (in a good way!) with these resistance bands made of polyester and latex. They're tough, they're stretchy, and they're ready to help you reach your fitness goals."

Material: polyester + latex silk

NO SIZING ISSUES & SET OF 3: THREE strength levels included (light, medium, heavy). ALL other brands have a “heavy” band that is too small & “easy” band that is too loose. We have no sizing issues- we vary the strength of each fabric to change the resistance not the band size. Every band fits perfectly.

NO SLIDING/ ROLLING/ BREAKING: Our bands will NEVER roll, slide, or break. Tested with thousands of women of all sizes. Incredibly comfortable- use them with bare skin. Inner grip strips inside the bands keep them in place during every exercise.

Package include:
*3 resistance bands
*1 Mesh bag (style random)
*1 instructions book

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